How to Choose the Best Window Shades

Do you have windows in your place and want to do something to make them look more attractive? Are you confused between blinds and curtains? If you are someone who is looking to get new window blinds for their place and are not able to decide which color would suit your windows the best, then look no further. We will share with you how you can choose the right treatment option for your window.

We understand how important it is to have window blinds that have the ideal color and are able to control the amount of light entering the room. Adding a window treatment to your place with color and style that blends well with the walls and the décor of the room is a very important part of pulling the room together.

We will share with you many reasons why you should choose to adorn your home with window treatments. We will help you understand why window blinds are a smart choice.

Light Control

Window blinds are much better than curtains when it comes to light control. If you have window blinds then you can control the amount of light that is coming in the room. You can tilt and bend the blinds however you want, to adjust the amount of light.

If you are someone who is looking for options to keeping a room as dark as possible, or if you want to protect your furniture from sun-fading, then you must definitely opt for window blinds. As they are capable of completely blocking out the light.

There is a complete range of room darkening blinds that are able to make the room as dark as possible. These are not just black blinds or curtains that block the light, but the blinds are made in such a way that light doesn’t enter the room.

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Privacy Control

These blinds are really good when it comes to making your home more private. One can adjust the blinds in such a way that people can see what is happening outside but no one can see what is happening inside the room. As these blinds block the view from outside.

Low Maintenance

If you are someone who is traveling a lot and doesn’t have much time to look after your place, or if the property is rented, or you live in RV then low maintenance blinds can come in very handy. All you need to do is simply wipe the blinds with a damp cloth and then they are clean.

More Bang for Your Buck

If you are getting window blinds for your place, then you would have more value for your money. These blinds are made of better material and they are durable, which means there is no need to reinvest in them frequently.

What material shades are available?

If you are looking at options for window shades, then we must tell you that these blinds are available in many high-quality materials, making them durable and appropriate for any room.

Materials available for window shades in Indianapolis are as follows:

  1. Wooden blinds
  2. Aluminum blinds
  3. PVC blinds

If you are looking for different styles and textures then we suggest you go for the PVC blinds as they come in a wide variety of different colors and shades.

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How to Choose a Style:

Different colors and shades of window shades add a different meaning and feel to the décor of the room. The color of the blinds completely depends on the décor of the room. So, we will share with you how you can choose the color of your blinds based on the décor of your room.

Natural and Earthy

If your room has a natural or earthy décor, then we suggest you go for wood or faux wood blinds. One can even opt for the bamboo blinds. These add a very warm and down to earth feel to the room.


These blinds are very classy and modern looking, and to add more style and value to the room. You can add metallic blinds to make the room look ultra-modern.


If you have a very traditional kind of a room and you wish to add more value and grace to it, then you can complement your room with wooden blinds, which have deeper tones to make the room look more traditional.

Mid-century and retro

If your room has a mid-century or retro décor, then you may add bold colored honeycomb blinds to your room, as the biggest styles of the 1950s were the honeycomb style. So to complement such rooms these blinds would be the ideal choice.

Eclectic and Artsy

If the décor of your home includes houseplants and original artwork, etc., then to complement such décor you may feel that you should add curtains instead of blinds. But one can also add dark-colored blinds to match the space and add grace and value to your room.