6 Warning Signs Your Customers’ Transmission Parts Are Failing

6 Warning Signs Your Customers’ Transmission Parts Are Failing

When transmission parts need to be replaced, the warning signs can range from subtle to obvious. Here are some symptoms to share with your customers so they know when to schedule an appointment with you.

As an auto repair shop owner or auto mechanic, you know when your clients need to repair their automatic transmissions. Aside from warning lights on the instrument panel, however, your customers might not understand what signs to look out for to protect their transmissions from failing and needing extensive repairs.

Here are some warning signs to share with your customers to help them learn when to bring their car in for repairs.

Strange Noises in Neutral

If your clients hear strange noises while in neutral, that may be a sign of transmission trouble. When the transmission makes clunking or bumping noises in neutral, low or old transmission fluid is a likely culprit. After changing the fluid, if the noises continue, your client should schedule an appointment ASAP.

Grinding or Shaking When Switching Gears

When an automatic transmission changes gears, it should not grind or shake the car. If this happens, it’s a clear sign that something is not right.

Burning Smell

It might be obvious to you as an auto repair professional, but your clients don’t always have your insight—a burning smell coming from an automobile is never a good sign. While a number of problems could be causing the smell, a likely scenario is when the transmission fluid gets overheated.

Inability to Switch Gears

Transmission parts are supposed to form a cohesive whole and work seamlessly. If your customer’s vehicle refuses or struggles to change gears, tell them to see you immediately.

Slipping Gears

It’s never a good thing when the gears on a car slip out of place. In fact, it can be quite dangerous if you are traveling at high speeds on a highway or interstate road. When your customers inform you of slipping gears, it’s important to stress the importance of fixing the problem before an accident happens.

Leaking Fluid

If transmission fluid is leaking from your customer’s car, then it’s not doing them any good. Fortunately, this problem is pretty easy to recognize. Let your customer know that if they suspect a leak, they can check by placing a piece of cardboard under their parked car. This can help them pinpoint where the leak is located.

Need to Order Transmission Parts So You Can Keep Your Customers Happy?

Identifying transmission trouble isn’t always simple, but that’s why your training and expertise in automotive repair are so important. Your customers know that they can depend on you for reliable, cost-effective service. Can you say the same about your transmission parts supplier?

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