Are Aftermarket Parts Safe? You Have Nothing to Fear with Powertrain Parts from GFX

When customers come to you, they might share concerns about the safety and efficacy of aftermarket parts. As a mechanic or shop, you might’ve come across poorly made parts in this market. This can lead you to be skeptical about aftermarket companies. Find out why you and your clients have nothing to worry about when it comes to GFX powertrain parts.


While your clients might prefer OEM powertrain parts, it’s possible that their cars are no longer in production. For many cars, especially older ones, it can simply be difficult to find original parts. Insurance companies can even require that your clients use aftermarket pieces for repairs, tacking on fees for any originals used. In most cases, your best bet is to use aftermarket pieces.


As an auto repair shop, you know how important it is to keep the powertrain parts in a car up to high standards. You can recognize the performance issues that come with low-quality pieces. And you have likely encountered poor-quality aftermarket parts in the past. These pieces probably used inferior materials or they didn’t quite fit in the cars you fixed. If your clients encountered these issues before, they might worry about using aftermarket parts in their car.


Here are benefits you can share with clients about OEM-standard aftermarket pieces for the powertrain parts of their vehicle.


OEM Standards

High-quality aftermarket parts meet Original Equipment Manufacturer standards without breaking the bank. They fit your clients’ cars as though they were originals. In fact, aftermarket parts can even be better than originals in some cases. Aftermarket companies can work out any weaknesses in the original design, ensuring that cars run smoother than they did before.


Strict Safety Standards

OEM-standard aftermarket parts are naturally just as reliable as original parts in the safety department. We know that mechanics might worry about aftermarket fakes. With GFX, you don’t have to worry about low-quality counterfeit parts. Our parts match their descriptions and specifications, ensuring the safety of your clients’ vehicles.


Brand New Parts at Affordable Prices

While some aftermarket parts do come used, many are brand new. They are simply not made by an original manufacturer, just a different company like GFX. The quality is brand new but the prices remain affordable. You can pass the savings onto your clients, increasing their satisfaction with your repair.



OEM parts often need to be bought at car dealerships. They might be difficult to find or not available at all, depending on the car you’re fixing. Aftermarket parts are usually much easier to come by, meaning your clients wait less to get their car fixed. With a robust online platform like GFX, buying aftermarket parts has never been easier.


Find OEM-Standard Powertrain Parts For Your Customers

Whether or not you know it, our parts are under the hoods of many foreign and older cars. We’ve been keeping cars running longer for almost 60 years. Check out our catalog to find aftermarket powertrain parts for your clients’ cars. We offer both used and new aftermarket parts to fit your clients’ budgets and needs.