Lower Cost of Ownership: Evidence Supports Aftermarket Allison Transmission Parts

Whether or not you’ve read our post on the interesting history of Allison Transmission, you probably already know that aftermarket Allison Transmission parts are some of the most reliable pieces that GFX stocks. According to a 3-year study that the company released just last month, they now have proof that the brand’s automatics reduce a vehicle’s Total Cost of Ownership by 2% compared to a manual vehicle. Allison Transmission conducted this study alongside the Derichebourg Group.

How Did They Conduct the Study?

Researchers collected operating data for the first 12 months of the study. The remaining two years were dedicated to collecting maintenance data. For comparison, this collection also included 28 months of maintenance data before the study began.

Which Vehicles Did They Test?

This three-year study specifically tested 19 waste collection vehicles, which were part of Derichebourg Group’s Poly-Environment fleet. Seven contained Allison Transmission parts — the other 12 contained automated manual transmissions (AMTs).

Each vehicle was driven in a suburban Paris area. None of the routes were modified for this study so the results represent transmission performance in real-life conditions. These vehicles engaged in start-stop duty cycles, during which they collected 1,100 bins per day.

What Were the Results?

Despite the fact that vehicles equipped with automatic transmission parts engaged in more severe duty cycles, their total cost of ownership proved 2% lower than those equipped with manual transmissions.

Allison Transmission parts helped these vehicles sustain lower maintenance costs, maximum work time, and less fuel consumption, which inevitably leads to an improvement in cost management.

Were There Any Other Benefits?

While researchers did not quantify additional measures in this study, there are other suspected benefits of Allison Transmission parts.

Environmental Impact

One of the most important considerations was that each Derichebourg automatic vehicle could plug its external electrification equipment into Allison Transmission’s power take-off pad. Why? This system helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions during use.

Ease of Operation

Drivers typically find automatic transmissions much easier to operate than manual transmissions. Automatics also tend to have a lower learning curve. The easier a vehicle is to operate, the higher the chance that a driver will stay with the company, which may lower the driver turnover rate. This ease of operation can also lead to a smoother ride for both drivers and crew members onboard.

Vehicle Control

Automatics tend to be easier to maneuver. Drivers may have found it much easier to control their trucks and navigate narrow streets. This leads to less truck damage caused by hitting objects.

Aftermarket Allison Transmission Parts Get the Job Done.

Aftermarket Allison Transmission parts are meant to imitate the toughness and durability of OEM parts. If you’re looking to lower your client’s maintenance costs and increase the lifetime of their vehicle, work with a manufacturer who specializes in transmission rebuilds. Call the GFX office at +1(305) 499-9789. Our representatives are available Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 5:30 PM EST.

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