Need Aftermarket Transmission Parts? 4 Reasons to Work with GFX

If you work as a distributor or retailer, you know how difficult it can be to find a trustworthy manufacturer that you can depend on. You need to offer your clients an array of high-quality aftermarket transmission parts that will make your customers happy. GFX can offer you the quality, affordability, global connections, and service you need.


GFX has been around since 1961. We focus exclusively on creating parts that help rebuild and repair transmissions. You can rest assured that we have the expertise to create durable parts that stand up to wear and tear. All of our parts are made to OEM-standard quality.

We know that many aftermarket distributors do not have a consistent level of quality or compatibility with the vehicles. At GFX, our mission is to reliably provide distributors and retailers like you with high-quality aftermarket parts.

As a result of our exacting standards and customer satisfaction, our company has largely grown through word of mouth.


If you are on the hunt for affordable prices, GFX is the place to shop for aftermarket transmission parts. We provide cost-effective prices without compromising on quality. Whether you stock used or aftermarket parts, we can bring you quality, affordable products.

The best part is that you can pass these savings on to your clients.

Global Network

Many of the cars on the market are being imported — and they may be on the older side. Luckily, our parts work well for foreign and aging vehicles. That is why we export all around the globe. No matter where you are in Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, you have access to an affordable aftermarket manufacturer that takes pride in the quality of its transmission parts.

Customer Service

Since our network is international, GFX representatives speak in a wide array of languages such as Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Romanian, Dutch, and German. They are always open to helping you find the parts you need and answering your questions. Our goal is to provide you with a great customer service experience each and every time.

Ask Us About Our Aftermarket Transmission Parts

Get the OEM quality without the OEM price. GFX wants to ensure that the cars you work on last as long as possible, increasing customer satisfaction and improving your shop’s reputation.

That is why we offer durable transmission parts to help you do your job effectively and keep your customers’ cars running smoothly. Our parts are under the hoods of many foreign and older cars, standing up to the heat, resistance, and wear that transmissions undergo with regular use.

Need high-quality aftermarket parts that stand up to rigorous use? Work with a manufacturer who specializes in transmission rebuilds. You can reach our GFX office in Miami at +1(305) 499-9789. We are available Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 5:30 PM EST.

You can also check out our catalog to find aftermarket transmissions parts for your clients’ cars. We offer both used and new parts to fit your clients’ budgets and needs.