What Transmission Hard Parts Does GFX Offer This Month?

Need parts for a 6L80E or 6L90E transmission? GFX has you covered.

This month, we have numerous featured products that will fit your 6L80E and 6L90E transmission hard parts needs.

General Packs and Kits

First up is our 6L80 Pump Rotor Repair Kit. Most of you have used this already. But for those who have not, this kit brings:

  • An aftermarket rotor
  • Slides
  • O-rings
  • Teflon rings
  • Hardened steel rings
  • A pump guide
  • 13 veins
  • Bumpers

(Psst… Looking for a Bell Housing to go perfectly with your rotor? We carry the 6L80E and 6L90E OEM AC Delco Bell Housing. This part is not remanufactured or used.)

GFX has a 6L80/6L90 Steel Plate Combo Kit. For those of you who do not wish to carry a Combo Kit, we also offer a 6L80 Kit and a 6L90 Kit.

From Borg Warner, we offer a 6L80 Friction Pack for years 2006-2009 and for years 2010-onwards, both of which carry 25 pieces. We also have the 6L90 Friction Pack for years 2006-2009, which carries 30 pieces. We have their 6L90 Sprag.

We have an 11-Piece Bushing Kit, which comes in a sturdy plastic box.

Some of you already know about TransGo kits. Good news — their Shift Kits are in stock on the GFX website.

Pistons and Piston Kits

We have the AC Delco Piston. For an upgraded version, we also carry the Billet Performance Piston. Additionally, we offer a 6L80 and 6L90 Piston Kit.

Fans and Coolers

Our high-quality GFX brand Coolers and Hayden Coolers are also in stock.

Aside from the regular coolers, we also offer coolers with fans. They come in three different sizes. These heavy-duty coolers work great if your clients will be hauling a boat or other vehicles on their pickup trucks. They come with:

  • Hoses
  • Clamps
  • Brackets
  • All the necessary hardware

Harnesses and Filters

From Rostra, we have the External Wiring Harness. This part comes with all the crimping tools necessary for you to get your job done.

We also have a 6L80 Filter.

Drums and Masks

Next up, GFX has 6L80 and 6L90 Reverse Drums. The 6L90 Drum is slightly taller than the 6L80. We have carried these aftermarket drums for about two years with great success.

Last but certainly not least, we carry GFX masks! Let’s try to fight COVID-19 together. If you have not received your free COVID-19 GFX masks with your order, just give us a call.

Ask Us About Our Featured Products

Need high-quality transmission hard parts that stand up to wear and tear? You can reach our office at +1(305) 499-9789. We are available Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 5:30 PM EST.

You can also check out our catalog to find powertrain parts for your clients’ cars. We offer both used and new aftermarket parts to fit your clients’ budgets and needs.

GFX Part Numbers

  • 6L80 Pump Rotor Repair Kit – GFX #408288
  • 6L80E / 6L90E OEM AC Delco Bell Housing – GFX #408950D
  • 6L80 Drum with OEM Bearing – GFX #408951
  • 6L90 Drum with OEM Bearing – GFX #408951A
  • AC Delco Piston – GFX #408881D
  • Billet Performance Piston – GFX #408882HD
  • 6L80/6L90 Steel Plate Combo Kit – GFX #42381D
  • 6L80 Friction Pack (years 2006-09) – GFX #34351KIT
  • 6L80 Friction Pack (years 2010-on) – GFX #34352KIT
  • 6L90 Friction Pack (years 2006-09) – GFX #34354KIT
  • 6L80 and 6L90 Piston Kit – GFX #408881
  • Borg Warner 6L90 Sprag – GFX #140747BW
  • 6L80 Filter – GFX #42340E
  • 11-Piece Bushing Kit – GFX #408301
  • TransGo Shift Kits – GFX #SK6L80
  • Rostra External Wiring Harness – GFX #408511R